Wednesday, April 30, 2008

In the current trend of before and afters ...

Today was Jeffrey's last day of classes in his first year of law school.

Here he is on his first day looking a might meek and scared of the world:

And here he is, confident with one year down. Maybe not. But he's looking confident ...

I think the tree in the background has grown, too!


  1. Did he wear that same outfit every single day to school this year?

  2. Actually, the first T says "Nebraska" on it. The other one says "Outer Banks."

    I think he's going for "well-traveled."

    But, um, yes. He essentially wore the same thing. It was especially noticeable in winter when he wore the same fleece jacket everyday, not revealing the changed T-shirt underneath. We're fairly certain some of his classmates think he's homeless :)

    I'm just happy his pants cover his ankles these days!