Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Dogtown Lake and the Grand Canyon

I took the day off and Ada, my mom, my Aunt Carol and I headed up to Williams to give Dogtown Lake a once over before a planned camping trip in the next few weeks. What a pretty place!

The most exciting part was the flock of sheep -- about 150 sheep -- that made it's way through the recreation area accompanied by their herding dogs. The dogs, two of them, looked like Great Pyrenees that were trimmed down. It was interesting to watch the whole system. One of the camp host's grandkids told us that they are raised alongside a lamb and taught to kill any dog or coyote that comes near the flock.

We had a little picnic, scouted the sites, and then decided to head up to the Grand Canyon. Because, well, why not?

I was too scared to let Ada out of the car so instead we just drove to overlooks, peeked at the beauty, and drove to the next overlook. Ada slept most of the time, so she wasn't impressed. We did see elk, which was pretty exciting.

It has been a big visit for wildlife. We saw a bunch of javelina while touring a Prescott neighborhood, we saw whole groups of elk, the sheep were really amazing, the pronghorn were out in the fields on the way home, and we saw some kind of giant bird of prey in a nest.

Doing iPad games with Aunt Carol.

Already buddies.

Sheep herd coming through the forest.

View from our picnic table.

Ada trekking around the picnic area.

Reading the signs about angling.


Rustic benches provided plenty of lovely views and resting places.

Wanted the bench to herself.


More visiting.

Ada took this picture.

Picnic time! What? You don't have brie, olive tapenade and grapes for picnics?

On the way out, we crossed paths with the sheep again. Note the campsite back there...

Waiting for the end of the flock. Most of these guys were limping. That's probably why they were last. The dog at the back was patiently waiting for them to cross.

The Grand Canyon. I took this picture and then took a nap. It was a hazy day up there and storms were coming in.

Sunday, July 21, 2013


This isn't from the weekend, but it's cute. This is the outfit Lindsay and Gemma sent us! Thanks! You've opened up a huge, dangerous door to Crew Cuts now that we know she fits in it.

Ada has been very interested in horses lately. I don't know where she gets it.

We went to Tucson this weekend to go ride my favorites at Sabino Equestrian with my beloved Tara and Kendall Weber. Kendall was all set up to take Ada around for a full lesson, but Ada didn't make it because she got too hot. However, the few times around they did go, Ada had a blast. I hope Domino, the horse, had a good time, too.

I got to ride the ahmahzing PT. PT is a super show horse and even though I'm pathetically out of horse shape, he made it look awesome. It was a lot of work for me, but not because he's not awesome, but because it took a lot of muscles I haven't used in a long time just to sit up straight!

We also spent time with our favorite Tucson family, the Junemans, on both Saturday and Sunday. There isn't any photographic evidence of this, though. Ada loved LOVED loved hanging with the girls who are 5 and 8. She even kicked her legs trying to swim like them in the pool and motored around in her raft. It was impressive.

Preparing to ride ...

Making a silly face while motoring by on PT. My stirrups look too short.

Domino takes on the duo of Kendall and Ada. 

Just a little saddlebred action, Ada takes a seat on PT after lessons.