Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hold still for several hours...

Now that she can crawl around the house and can even pull herself up on her knees to reach things on low shelves, I'm going to put her on my lap and ask her to hold still in a tight space for a bit while we fly to North Carolina. Whee!!!

That's right! Ada and I (Jeffrey has to stay here and work) are headed to Cary to see the Krouse family. In the works are a trip to the zoo, a fancy dinner out for my dad's birthday, bashing some drums with Eric, and a potential playdate.

I'll try to keep posting videos on while we are away.

In other news, Ada had a tooth breaking through this morning. She won't let me look at it, but I can feel the rough edges of it peeping through.

Below is a video of Ada playing the guitar. Watch how doggedly determined she is! I like how she understands where the sound is coming from but is a little lost on the idea of being gentle.