Monday, October 25, 2010

New Bicycle

So my drawn out bicycle obsession can now be closed. I finally sucked it up, ordered the bike I was coveting, and picked it up this past Saturday.

Hello, lovely!

This is the Electra Amsterdam Classic Ladies 3i. It has a fully enclosed chain guard, skirt guard, integrated front and back lights, and spiffy little bell.

I love all the old school styling on it and it is amazingly well-balanced, not as heavy as I thought, and has lots of little design details like a leather saddle and grips, chrome on the outside metal parts, and zippy little swirl designs all over it.

For the record, I had no idea that Julia Roberts rode a similar bike in Eat Pray Love. I hate when that happens. Just like Posh Spice ruined my pixie cut for me ...

Doesn't matter. I love it.