Monday, April 7, 2008

How Do You Like Your Eggs?

Just as my research suggested, my dove family has laid two eggs in their makeshift nest on my back patio!I'm not sure why they left them for not more than a minute, but it was enough time for me to sneak out (um, yeah, I'm kind of stalking them. I was watching when she left, watching when she came back and I'm still watching!) and grab this shot.

They seem determined to stay. I've gone out there a few times to do stuff and they haven't flown away. I've watered all the other plants (except for the portulaca they've nested in. That will just have to be sacrificed.) including a geranium not but 10 inches away.

I also installed a drying rack out there that required drilling, standing on precarious porch furniture to do the drilling, and me uttering curse words under my breath as I tried to lash together the canes. And then they didn't leave even when I put scary pink shorts on the line!

My other projects this weekend included making Jeffrey and I fabric lunch sacks so we didn't have to keep buying brown bags.

And later tonight I'll get around to making my new shower curtain out of an Anthropologie table cloth that I bought on super sale over the summer but that doesn't really go with our current house decor. Currently I have it clothes-pinned into place so I can evaluate the plan of action!

Eggs! I'm going to have baby doves!!!


  1. Hey, it's Scott. You know, that guy you used to work with at The Sun. The fam is heading into Tucson on Friday because Miranda needs to wear a heart monitor there for 24 hours (just precautionary stuff) and we'll be staying the night near University Medical Center, so thought I'd see if you and Jeffrey wanted to meet Friday night for dinner or something. Anyway, I don't have your current e-mail so send me a note at work if you get a chance.

    Oh, and the new blog sight is just groovy!

  2. EEE! You're so creative :) Love the projects :) :) :)