Sunday, December 22, 2013


Our new Roku 3 has new channels, including the Vevo music video channel.

We turned on the Beyonce "Put a Ring on It" video. I asked Ada if she could do the moves. She started doing something. Then looks at Jeffrey and says, "This is really hard work."

Yes. Yes it is.

What sound DOES a chicken make?

I don't know what they were doing, but this is the conversation:

Ada: It's a duck! I like ducks! Quack Quack!
Jeffrey: Ducks say quack quack!
Ada: Here's a chicken.
Jeffrey: Chickens go quack quack!
Me: No they don't.
Jeffrey: They don't? How do they go?
Me: Bok bok.
Jeffrey: Bok bok?
Ada: They go bok bok!

"I just have to see Santa!"

Yesterday we went to a toddler Christmas brunch to exchange gifts and experience a little merriness with Julian, Sophie, and Ada before the families went their separate ways for the holiday.

The merriness was mostly kids throwing croissants, Julian hit his head about five times, and Sophie and Ada could not stop playing with the kitchen timer on Julian's little stove. The entire event felt, like Ryan said, "A McGruber sketch on SNL, there's constant ticking."

Anyway, due to the festivities, Ada just never ended up taking a nap. By the afternoon, she was so incredibly tired, but we decided we could make it to the grocery store for some additional cookie making supplies with her and I think Jeffrey mentioned Santa. Well, Ada couldn't get over the idea that we were going to see Santa. We had mentioned it to her earlier in the day and now it was time to ante up. With a tired kid, we headed to the mall to see Santa.

The wait was long. She played gamely in the kid area, but never smiled. She just zombied around, going down the slide over and over again. I kept asking her, "Are you sure you want to do this? We can come back tomorrow!" And she'd always say, "But I just have to see Santa!" or "I'm ready for my turn to see Santa!"

So we waited.

We were one of the last families to get to see Santa before his "reindeer break" and when they let her in, a very tired but very sweet child went over, clasped Santa's hands and had a chat about dolls.

Then she hopped up for her picture. She wouldn't smile. We asked. But it just wasn't there. Instead, she just snuggled into Santa's soft suit and gave him a big hug.

Far better than last year's visit.

Her first visit with Santa, at six-months-old, the Santa held absolutely still. She just must have thought he was a fleecy blanket.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

First Snow of 2013

Jeffrey didn't make it back up the driveway, so he had to shovel. Ada helped.

While Jeffrey shoveled, Ada and I went across the street and went for a snowy walk, following some deer tracks. 

Then she made a mistake in the path and got stuck. The end.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Emma! (and Pete)

We're getting a puppy! I've been working on this idea for a few months now and finally decided we needed an English Setter. Then my dad decided he needed one. My mom and Jeffrey are on board!

The brown-eared one is our little girl and her name is Emma. The black-faced one is a little boy and my parents are keeping him. They've named him Pete.

They went to the vet today and were declared, "very healthy puppies!" At just 8 weeks, Emma is 7lbs 10oz and Pete is 8lbs 1oz. The vet said they will likely double in weight within two weeks. Better get her into cargo before the rate goes up!

The mom. She's a little bedraggled looking from being a mom and stuff, but look at what a sweet face she has! The breeders hunt the dogs and were delighted with the litter's perfect tails. We do not hunt but the tails are indeed very whippy and white.

This is a video snippet of them on a walk around the pond. Emma is way too interested in that water!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Decorating "Grant"

Today we picked out our Christmas tree. Down the road from us is a plant nursery and they had all kinds of Christmas-y trees to choose from including live trees down to little twee rosemary shrubs trimmed into tree shape. We went with an old regular fresh cut Northern.

Apparently the yearly tradition at the nursery is to name all of the trees before they find homes. Our tree, a lovely thing, is named Grant.

Ada helped decorate him and while she worked she kept singing this lovely little tune. It's a bit of an ear worm and you'll find yourself humming it despite yourself, at least we did.

She's definitely getting into the Christmas spirit.

Friday, November 29, 2013

A Christmas Tradition

One-month-old. Santa admonished my parents for bringing me out in the cold.

Then Eric shows up.

Santa's face! WHAT ARE THESE TEENAGERS DOING ON MY LAP?! After this year, you can see the annual photo still happened, but we found alternatives to Santa.
Neighbor's Santa cutout.

Santa was out. So we borrowed his set.

Eric's hair is so Swingers!

This is at my house in Elizabeth City. Eric must be 18 here, so we were allowed to stop. Also, I think the next year I moved to Yuma.