Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's Feexed, It's Feexed!

I haven't blogged in a while. And I'm sorry. If you want to read what has been going on lately, you may want to check out Jeffrey's Blog at Tucsonic Boom. He's had more time lately for blogging since his winter break from law school.

OK. So what have I been up to? Mostly going to work at the book publisher, working on freelance print design projects at home, and dreaming of excellent crafty projects.

So what is feexed? My sewing machine.

I bought it with one of my first newspaper job paychecks at the Wal-Mart in Elizabeth City. It was the only place to shop there practically. No Jo-Ann with it's huge Bernina display. Just Wal-Mart.

But that was back in 2002. It's been almost seven years and I just had it serviced for the first time it its life. Apparently you're supposed to do it every year. I did it when it finally started making a banging noise.

The bobbin winder broke about a week after I bought the machine. I had kind of jerry rigged it into place with some tape. And if I held my thumb just so, it would work.

It came back spotlessly clean, quiet as anything even when running at it's highest speed AND THE FUCKING BOBBIN WINDER WORKS!!! No more tape. No more thumb.

So now I can start working on all these projects I've been dreaming of for the last several months that it has been broken -- like a sick person unwilling to go to the doctor, I've been putting off having the machine fixed.

But Cathey's Sew and Vacuum got the job done. And now I'm thinking this weekend I'm going to spray paint its dust cover hot pink in celebration for the next seven years!

I've also added another blog for those of you interested in clothes, house stuff, and everything else cute.