Monday, April 28, 2008

Happy Birthaversary!

One year ago, a guy who looked sort of like Mel Brooks as Yogurt in Spaceballs started singing at us and ringing little bells.

Since then, we've ended newspaper careers, moved to a new city, started law school/new jobs, rocked law school/quit jobs, got a new job, had money woes, pet woes and just general feelings like we may end up living in cardboard boxes. We even lived in a tiny hotel room with a recuperating dog, a poodle, one computer and very little space.

We've discussed it ... and we think we'll try for another year!

And happy birthday to Jeffrey!

Jeffrey working on his "Blue Steel."

Birthaversary Flowers for me!


  1. Birthiversary does not sound as bad ad Birthgiving.


  2. Okay, happy birthaversary. Must be nice to get flowers from time to time. And as for Twitter, that makes 3 twitter-dorks in the Gautreaux family. I'm pretty worried. Kat, I thought you were cooler than that. Am I wrong about the coolness, or am I wrong about Twitter being ultra dorky?... I have to say I still think it's super dorky, but then again, who's to say dorkdum is bad?

  3. For the record, I had to request the flowers. They weren't a romantic sweet gift out of the blue. I had to say, Get Me Yellow Flowers. I forgot to do that on Valentine's Day. I've learned my lesson.

    As for Twitter being dorky ... I mean if The Frame is willing to Twitter, how dorky can it be? And, it's totally addictive--kind of like Star Trek: The Next Generation.

  4. Birthiversary or annibirthary; it's all rock and roll to US--congrats and many, many more to both of you

    Terry G

  5. Ah yes, I meant to wish you a Happy Anniversary on Monday but the pregnancy brain got the best of me.