Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Kitchen cabinet updates

Our house we bought last May has honey oak cabinets throughout. They were real wood, not veneer, so overall they were in good shape but just sort of ... oakey. Mostly, I would sit at my desk for hours every day staring at the base of the breakfast bar and loathing the oak paneling they put there. It had sort of a plywood quality and I loathed it. LOATHED.

I decided to repaint. My dad refinished his kitchen cabinets last year and he has really been able to walk around like a human since then, so I went for paint. No sanding. Primer, two coats of paint, done. That sounds so simple! It took weeks. Mostly because I have other stuff to do, of course.

Here is photographic evidence!

Ada helped me get started on the breakfast bar front. That's the actual color she's painting with there. The little man she made is a snowman.

OK. Before and afters!

Truly the before. I think I started painting just a few days after this. This is the view from my desk that I would sit and consider my depth of designer loathing every day.

When we first moved in.

This evening, shot with my phone the second we got the last door screwed on.
The day we got the keys.
Done! (There is a cake under that green bowl. I don't own a cake plate.)