Monday, January 19, 2009

Things of Awesomeness

Tonight was the series finale of "Mama's Boys." Possibly the worst guilty pleasure EVER, the show had zero content that made it worthwhile except the crazed ranting of mothers that needed counseling and that made Jeffrey and I fear for Jo Jo's well being. SEACREST! You inglorious bastard! 

And the greatest Yao Ming picture. I just can't stop looking at it.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Overcoming Some Obstacles

Friday I finally made it to a yoga class. The studio was new and clean and the clients were nice, tidy people who weren't wearing patchoili or *gasp* no odor masker at all, and the teacher was a sparkly and fun chick who was excited to see Suzette and me.

I don't think Suzette liked it very much. At one point she asked me, "Is this when we drink the Kool-Aid?"  I guess she wasn't much for the om-ing.

After class I felt great. Saturday, I woke up with a headache just felt sore all over. I'm guessing that the yoga class did one or any of the following: unleashed demons in my body or I used muscles I hadn't really been using at all or maybe just in new ways.

Saturday night we went out to get a new all-in-one printer. All was going well until I hit the same problem I've been having with my computer for several months but hadn't gotten around to fixing: I'm an asshole and I have forgotten my system administration password.

That's the password that lets you install new programs, update software, and install printer drivers onto your machine.

I knew the hard way to fix it: backup everything and reinstall the operating system.

I kept hoping for a different option. After some tantrum throwing and poodle shoving, Jeffrey decided it was time to call Keith who, although is a doctor, also is some kind of weird Apple savant.

Keith agreed I had to reinstall the operating system. Damnit!

So I burned everything on my desktop to discs just in case, and started the process.

After hours of uploading all the things I needed to after the install, I now have a machine that is doing everything I could ever hope my machine would do, except make coffee.

Maybe Keith can develop a hack for that ...

This is an uber-awesome day, folks. 

Now where is that bottle of Advil ...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Promises promises

I promised to blog everyday. I didn't promise it would be interesting.

I'm tired. Work seemed long today. I did get a lot of child-like glee out of my balance ball I've been using as a chair and it is definitely helping my back and stomach ab area strenth.

But now I'm just tired. We had excellent Greek chicken kababs and a Greekish pasta salad side that I made, so that was nice. And I had a ballet class. Then I went to Starbucks and had one of their tea lattes. I won't do that again. Tea lattes aren't that good.

So now I'm waiting on some corrections for a newsletter and am contemplating a bath. Soaking in hot water sounds mighty goooo.

Yay! Friday is around the bend!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Shake your groove thing

It's that time of year again: ballet recital time. This year the studio where I take classes is putting on Cinderella.

The adult dancers who kind of suck (my class) are the "seamstresses" and the part is about three minutes long.  I will not be on that stage.

I have a lot of reasons not to do it and they all make me sound either 1. pathetic 2. whiney or 3. bitchy.

So because I'm dropping one of my classes every week, I need to replace it with something else that keeps my old butt off the couch.

What I'm looking into:
aerial dance
hula hoop dance

Monday, January 12, 2009

Lord of the Awkward Moment

Because we don't have cable, I am watching some NBC world dance-off show. The Lord of the Dance guy is the host and he just said to the South African dance leader, "What was that dance? Is that a battle? Are you hunting? You definitely seemed angry about something."

South African dance leader just kind of stared at him.

I also like the judge from China who doesn't seem to speak English so thus shares no witty banter like the guy from India who I think grew up in L.A. or the hilarious guy from Russia that keeps making vodka jokes. China guy just says his score ... kind of angrily. And it is always 8. 


That Ryan Seacrest's brain child "Mamas' Boys" follows it on the airing schedule and that I had pizza pretty much makes this a great evening.

Cool weather=crazy horses

Lately, I've been a better rider. 

I don't know if it is because ballet has made my legs stronger, I'm more confident, or maybe it is because Kendall at the Barn told me to "get on that horse, smack it with the crop, and don't take any shit" which has proved to be a magic tip. 

Either or all, I've been a much better rider lately. Which is a damn good thing because the horses have gone wild.

The weather here has been chilly at night and glorious during the day and the horses have been feeling mighty feisty lately. Ted, a 22-year-old thoroughbred (which is elderly for a horse), has been downright ornery. You get on him, if he holds still long enough for mounting, and he takes off down the rail barely walking and has the "hops." Even Martin, my trusty buddy who normally just bucks when he wants you to be aware of something (kind of like pointing at something, except that they have hooves and it's hard to point with a hoove unless you are Bullwinkle), has been a bit hard to keep all feet on the ground because he's just gone nutty.

It ends up requiring a lot more leg strength as you pinch your knees into the saddle, and a lot more humor. It's sort of hilarious having these older horses yip around the ring, but only if you are ready for it and are prepared to ride through. And keep your hands still, and don't use your legs, and don't pull back, and 100 other things you are supposed to do when your horse is out of control and you are on top trying to maintain composure.

We've had a nice selection of ice cream to choose from (riders bring ice cream when they fall off as penance) fortunately none of it is has yet to be provided by me!

What's my point? I don't have one. My legs are sore though, from trying to stay on. 

I promise to be better.

I know I've been really really really horrible at keeping up with my blogging.

Here are my excuses (not necessarily in order of weight):
1. It's what I do all day at my job as a marketing assistant for a book publisher. I write blog entries and articles and twitter all day so when I get home I'm just over the whole communication aspect of the computer.
2. I'm not that interested in talking about my life except in random non sequitors. Like last night I enjoyed some of our fine local advertising that made me laugh out loud. But was it blog worthy? Well, it will be from now on. 
3. I'm a slacker.

So I promise, from now on, I will blog EVERYDAY. EVERYDAY YOU HEAR ME, ME?! 

I pinky promise.