Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Good Earth

Since January I've been planning on creating a container garden on my patios.After the threat of frost was gone, I was nearly ready. 

When my mom came out to visit, we went to a few garden centers around town and what we discovered is that even to plant ONE tomato plant, we were going to need a 5-gallon container of sorts. We looked into the new craze of upside down tomatoes, but couldn't quite find the right product and didn't really have the energy to make one from scratch.

So, tomato-plantless, I decided to try to find some kind of community garden I could participate it. 

My Google search led me to Tucson Community Gardens. For $12 a month, you get a plot, water (on a timer!) and advice. Score.

One of the gardens is near my house so I made Jeffrey go with me to experience our first monthly meeting.

My plot was a little soggy for tilling today, so we took the water off of it and am going to let it dry out. On Tuesday I'll go back and till it up, mix in the "amendments" (bullshit. literally.) and by next Saturday it will be ready to plant! Tomatoes! Squash! Melons! Maybe Some Kind of Flower!

Plot Before Plot After


  1. This will be great!!! Don't let that guy with the BIG feet tromp on seed bed--a small contasiner on your patio or front porch area would be good for an herb plot.

    Terry G

  2. Technically, the 187-year-old British white-haired gardening oracle that is George said the amendments should include steer manure. Steers are not bulls. That is all.

  3. I thought about doing a little dish garden for herbs. Just have to find the right container. Too small and it acts like an oven in Tucson's heat. Too big and I'll trip over it.