Friday, October 28, 2011

Zombie Baby!

A terrible pestilence is about to be unleashed throughout the world, unknowingly, through a sweet, innocent infant .... ZOMBIE BABY!!!!

She woke up this morning feeling a bit ... odd ... she didn't cry for her mommy ... not yet ... ZOMBIE BABY!

That's when the terrible hunger came over her. She wailed for her mother ... ZOMBIE BABY!

Good morning, my sweet! Are you going to give me a kiss?


Moving on to her next victim, her father, getting ready for work ... ZOMBIE BABY!!!!

Who will be her next victim ... it may be you!


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Reporting in...

Ada is now four months old. Today she had her checkup and now, after great trauma, is sleeping soundly.

The report!
Weight: 14 lbs 2 oz
Height: 24.25 inches
Head circumference: 41.3 cm

She's apparently very average in all her measurements, which I see as being a very good thing!

So as some of you know, the two-month-old checkup didn't go smoothly for us. A different pediatrician told me that Ada may have craniosynostosis. Why did she think this? Well, Ada does have pronounced sutures on her skull ... After a lot of crying by me and four additional doctors unofficially manipulating her skull, the consensus was that there was nothing wrong.

Dr. Hinton confirmed that today. He said, "She has a beautiful head!"

So there, crappy other pediatrician with the stupid boring Band-Aids.

One of the things I pestered Dr. H about today was her sleeping. She doesn't do much of it. At night she wakes up about every two hours and seemed like she was starving. He said she probably was! Some babies just have big appetites, so guess who gets to try out some new foods? I wasn't given any rules, just the thumbs up to let Ada start trying rice meal, fruits and veggies.

A week ago I let her suck on an apple slice and she seemed delighted, so I think I'll puree a bit of honeycrisp apple for her later today and see how she feels about it.


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

This is not good ...

Ada is now back to 100% after a quick cold. And what does she decide to do? Work on crawling and coming dangerously close to coordinating her efforts.

Thankfully, she's only getting the back end and the front end isn't scooching.

Weren't we supposed to get more time with a sackapotatoes kid? She'll be clicking over to month four next week. This is looking way too close to crawling for my taste. Going to have to hobble her.

Understand, the total meltdown at the end is part frustration, part pure exhaustion as she'd been at this for about 15 minutes while we ate our dinner.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sick to death of being sick

Ada and I have both been enjoying a cold.

You know what isn't a good idea?

A sick mommy.

Sick mommies have trouble keeping it together and running on little sleep (plus they can't get better without sleep, pffft ... who came up with this system!!!).

Okay, well, dealing with a sick baby hasn't been that bad since Ada is a superstar sick baby. She never really got horribly icky like I did. Just a little cute, phlegmy cough. I took her over to the doc to make sure there wasn't some new miracle infant cold cure (there isn't) and to make sure it really was just a little cold (it was) and away we went home again. Ada has been in a great mood and although she sounds like a pug when she breathes and snores like her GPaG Terry in miniature when she sleeps, she's still having a lovely time.

I, on the other hand, am not making much headway. I've even pulled out the neti pot and done a little saline irrigation on the nose parts trying to help eradicate the symptoms (I know the symptoms are part of the fight against the cold virus, but they suck and I want my head back.)

Jeffrey has not been afflicted, fortunately. He rarely gets sick and when he does, he thinks he's dying.*

Today, however, I feel like fighting. I WILL NOT HAVE THIS COLD ANY LONGER! OUT DAMN SPOT! (wait, wrong play...)

I have coffee, Hostess Donettes -- chocolate covered, and many boxes of tissues. YOU ARE GOING DOWN, COLD!

Now if I could just get a nap...

*Jeffrey had a fever once a few years ago and kept saying, "this can't be normal sick, are you sure I don't need to go to urgent care?" I gave him some meds and he was fine within 45 minutes. Death averted!

In Ada news:
  • She can now assist in holding her own bottle -- though she often ends up with it in her ear,
  • She is tentatively taking "steps" -- if you hold her up and give her a little nudge forward, she slowly marches right-left-right,
  • She can also now rollover from her back to her tummy and when she is on her tummy she doesn't panic. There is some pre-crawl beetling of the arms and legs, but fortunately she hasn't figure it out yet. However, she can only roll to the right. Like Zoolander, she isn't an ambi-turner,
  • She has added the Beach Boys's "Barbara Anne" to her song list as well as me singing Iron Man while making her toys head bang. Her taste in music is bizarre, and
  • Her new favorite toy is a stuffed chicken. There is nothing funnier than a baby clutching a fairly regulation-sized stuffed chicken.

Monday, October 10, 2011


We've been pretty busy the last few weeks. Ada traveled to Colorado Springs for The Last Gautreaux Boy wedding.

We didn't take pictures of the actual wedding, and hopefully someone will send us some so we can remember the lovely event.

We DID take pictures of Ada and a little semi-impromptu family portrait.

Also, while we were gone, my brother, Eric, stayed with the dogs. He was able to stay over a few extra days and so I put him to work babysitting Ada while I visited the dermatologist (another precancerous spot, man, the sun HATES me!) and he snapped a lot of her making faces. My dad is constantly amazed at how quickly her facial expressions shift across her face. Eric did a great job illustrating this point: these pics were taken within seconds of each other.