Sunday, July 13, 2008

I made eggplants!

They are kind of long and skinny and I don't think they are supposed to be, but of course the label is long gone. I guess that's why nerd gardeners keep journals.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Last night we headed out to TEP park for a Sidewinder's game.

I don't really enjoy baseball. It's slow, boring, and I'm fairly certain baseball players used to be cuter.

However, I do enjoy junk food. So I sort of break even with this kind of outing.

While walking like a zombies looking for fresh meat into the park, a scary kidnapper minivan pulled up next to us and a crusty old guy asked us if we had our tickets yet. Apparently he had some free ones to give away since the lady driving the getaway van had gotten a lot of them at work and had extra.

Jeffrey and I, frightened of communicable diseases and people just trying to be nice to us, of course cringed in fear.

Suzette, never one to shy away from a good deal (she says there is a saying in Mexico, "When someone offers you a free horse, don't look at the bad teeth.") grabbed them immediately.

So we flounced into the park free with our comp tickets and avoided the massive line at the ticket booth.


Nights tally:
Final: 6-5 (Sidewinders win! - They were playing the Beavers from Portland -- couldn't handle the heat probably)
Innings: 10
Free tickets to game from scary man in van: 3
Nachos eaten: 2 batches
Hot dogs eaten: 2 (1 with pickle relish -yum!)
Ice Cream Drumstick: 1
Sierra Mist: 1
Beer: 3 (all Suzette)
Cotton candy: 1
Rain storm that hit at 7th inning: 1
Fans left in stadium after 7th inning: 2
Mascots that were confused by Jeffrey's hat: 1
Lady Hit in Face with Ball: 1

Thursday, July 3, 2008

USPS UPS PSUPS whatever!

So I'm training to be someone else at my job while they go on vacation. This process involves learning how to mail things.

I hate mailing things. Ordering things online and having the shipped? I'm good with that.

Personally taking an item, putting it in a holding container of sorts, choosing postage, and then sending it via some kind of carrier is not a hassle I enjoy.

So of course I've already screwed it up. Apparently I was supposed to be sending something UPS instead of USPS. So now I'm SOL.

Thank goodness the midwest is flooded and nothing is getting anywhere fast anyway ...

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

It's been a while

Um ... yeah ... so I haven't blogged in a while. Nothing was going on really. Not anything new or not boring.

And it is still pretty much the same except that all of a sudden I need to share things:

1. I hate my ballet class. The teacher, who is also the owner to the studio, doesn't ever explain anything. This is not really a problem for the other students who seem to know what the French words mean and how to execute said step. But I don't. And she's too fat and broken down to demo the moves. So I have to wait until everyone else begins in order to start. So I'm always confused. Always behind. And she can't seem to stop class to have someone else demo the move. But she can idly chat about how much all the new improvements cost in a very martyr-y way for 15 minutes while we stand there.

2. The new Kleenex Anti-Viral tissues may be a crock of shit but they are ridiculously pretty! They are white with little blue sprays of dots all over them. So pretty.

So I realize my return to blogging is a little less than amazing. But you really needed to know about the Kleenex.