Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Perfecting technique: The Spoon

Watching "Muriel's Wedding" ... we like the ABBA songs...

Seriously, it is getting better ... messier, but better... If you remember the first spoon attempts with soup ...

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Mirror, Mirror

Ada is becoming increasingly interested in dressing herself, particularly with accessories like necklaces, bracelets, purses, sunglasses, and her favorite, hats.

She's been using our glass fireplace front to check out her selections. I felt we could do a little bit better for her. So I found a frilly shatterproof princess mirror for her to admire herself in.

Sadly, I didn't get the camera out fast enough to snap her with her beads, a ring, AND sunglasses.

There's all kinds of developmental stuff that mirrors are good for: speech, movement, etc. But it's REALLY good for checking out your beads.

I put a box of pretties by the mirror for her to put on.

Giving herself kisses. Dahling, youlookMAHVELOUS.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Prescott Zoo

The Heritage Park Zoological Sanctuary, a name that is larger that the zoo, is a great place to spend the morning with a toddler. The animals are in enclosures that might make an animal sympathizer upset, but that really makes it possible for the kids to see the animals. Most of the animals are local specimens that have been trapped for our viewing pleasure: raccoons, javelina, puma mountain lion, owls, a raven named Ed who says, "Hello Ed!", hawks, several peacocks, and many species of snake and spider.

They also have a few non natives like their tiger, the cutest tamarins ever, etc.

We even got to see them feed the bear his breakfast!

One of the things that the zoo does very well is accommodate little kids. They have several play areas for the kids to blow off some steam while you admire the llama. This includes as splash pad for some water fun and also several spots with picnic benches where you are welcome to enjoy lunch.

Overall, it is a perfect space for kids. Jeffrey, Ada and I had a blast with my friend Cody and her daughter Zoe. Zoe is three weeks older than Ada, about the same height, and about a million pounds lighter (Ok, 5 pounds, but it is remarkable what a difference five pounds can feel like.)
This is the bear we watched eat. He is huge.

Ada Spider!

This is Zoe. She never looks super excited. She makes excellent growling noises at bears.

"I'll get in your shower and drop down while you rinse your shampoo!"

This is a Harris Hawk. There are two of them and they are very wild and are here after being found with injuries. That is a dead mouse he's got pinned down. They flopped it in there for them to "catch."

Zoe and Cody


Kisses! It looks like Zoe isn't into it but really she started it.

Z and a giant bucket in the sand pit. Happiest I've ever seen her.

Riding the bee in the sand yard. The girls kept switching hats.
 The splash pad is pretty much the best thing ever. The girls really enjoyed it and Ada just kept giggling and squealing with joy. We didn't have the videoing device. Maybe next time...