Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I can no longer sleep directly on my stomach

My dad asked me why I hadn't blogged anything about the pregnancy.

I guess part of it was laziness but the other part was just because I don't know how interested anyone really is. I mean, every time I point at my little tummy protrusion, someone takes that moment to point out that their stomach still sticks out a lot more than mine.

When someone asks, "How are you feeling?" I can see them brace themselves for the horrors of my pregnancy symptoms. But I'm fine. I've been fine. No horrible morning sickness. No real "hit by a truck" exhaustion. It ends up being a short, fairly boring conversation.

They ask then, if Jeffrey and I are excited. "Yes we are!" Also a short conversation.

Thin pregnant women with few symptoms and who are happy about the baby but not yet crazed just aren't that interesting.

Jeffrey and I ARE excited. I browse online for stuff I may need for the baby and each week I go poke around at the "What your baby is doing this week" links on baby info websites.

This week, the little bump is definitely sticking out more. From nearly the end of the first month of pregnancy I was switching up to maternity jeans because It didn't like being touched but now there is no squeezing into my normal skirts and bottoms unless they have a very stretchy waistband. But, as my more upsized friends are quick to point out, my bump is still smaller than most people's normal extra body reserves so all my shirts still fit just fine -- though yesterday I had a little trouble with the zipper on my hoodie and when I tie my bathrobe around my waist, the knot in the bow just isn't in the same place.

I'm now in week 16 of this little human baking adventure. Want to see an artist's sketch  of a 16 week pregnancy? Click here! The real pics on Google Images are still a bit alien looking. Artist's sketches make you want to buy it blankies! Pictures make you want to poke it with a stick.

Apparently It can hear a bit more now. So I like to yell, "Hello!" at it occasionally.

In two weeks we are scheduled for the ultrasound. We might even get to peek to see if it's a boy, a girl, or maybe a puppy!