Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sad News

One of the four baby doves has died. It was the largest of the group and I believe was the oldest. He wasn't missing any parts, so I can't deduce what did him in.

What's worse, is that not only did it make me sad, but then it totally creeped me out when I bumped it out of the nest (with a cut off piece of bamboo that could be discarded at will -- thing could have died of some weird communicable dove disease!) it got caught (or his feet have, well, a death grip on it) on the portulaca tendril hanging from the basket.

So you can imagine my dismay (as I'm standing there dancing on tiptoes uttering ew, ew, ew, ew, in little squeaks try not to flick the alive baby in the head) as it tipped over the side and instead of plummeting to the rocks below ... just sort of dangled there.

Ah! Nature!


  1. Sad and ew. I'm glad you had to deal with it and not me, though. No offense. I'm just terrified of dead birds.

  2. Our dove nest is too high up in the tree to see, but we have had two scrambled eggs on the bricks out back. Don't know how many are left.