Sunday, April 20, 2008

It's A Bird!

I noticed the roosting dove was sitting awkwardly on her nest, so as soon as she took a break from her vigil I popped out there with my camera ... just in case ... and there was a brand new baby dove!


Not nearly as atrocious looking as the baby starling I tried to save once.

On Saturday, I pulled Jeffrey away from his studying to head out to the Mesquite Valley Nursery to buy plants for my garden plot. I planted eggplant, yellow squash, bush beans, cantaloupe (or musk melon as it says on the package ... but that name is not appetizing), a cherry tomato plant complete with cute orange cage, and watermelons. In between the vegetation I planted marigolds because they A) thwart aphids B) grow in the ridiculous heat C) are mighty cheerful! Whoever had my plot before had painted the end posts purple so my garden has a color scheme of cute!

Also, I signed up for Twitter account just like Jeffrey and Keith so you can follow me through my day. You can follow me here on my blog, or you can sign up for a Twitter account of your own to respond to my journeys and to have journeys of your own. I don't know why anyone wants to do this. Except that once Jeffrey and Keith signed up I found myself wanting one of my own. Just another waste of time and energy for the good of the order!


  1. Twitter is an epidemic in my office, but I am holding out.

  2. Is the baby bird still alive? Killed perhaps by a flapping dish towel?

  3. Don't know about SE AZ, but do you know how far musk and water melon vines spread in SE NE--they'll take over plots w/in about a mile.

    GOOD LUCK with your plot neighbors!!

    Terry G.

  4. Actually Terry, that's my fiendish plan to get more plots for free!