Thursday, April 3, 2008

There is a man outside singing

For the last hour, a man has been outside singing. He's sitting on a bench listening to headphones oblivious that anyone might be listening ... or maybe he doesn't care. He is singing off-key and it's oldies and instead of making me feel joyful at his freedom, somehow it smacks of ill mental health and is freaking me out.

Also, some doves have moved in. My back porch has window/rail boxes with flowers in them. The doves in the area have been popping by, roosting for a bit and then taking off again. I thought it was sweet.

I guess they were house hunting because they've moved into the end unit. Momma dove has been plunked in place for the last hour and a half while Poppa dove has been bringing over nesting materials. 

Half of me is so giddy at having birds. The other half, the half not influenced by having a preschool-teaching mom, is annoyed that I will likely not be able to sit on my porch so I don't disturb the eggs. According to several web sites I poked my cursor into, doves lay two eggs, two days apart and the take 14 days to hatch. Then another several weeks until they fly away.



  1. I just tested out sitting in a chair with the poodle on the porch and Momma Dove didn't take off.

    Maybe it will be OK. Or, maybe when the dovelettes hatch, they'll try to peck my eyes out.

  2. Perhaps if they become used to you sitting out there now, they will not be afraid of you once the eggs hatch?

  3. *squee* and I can name them and make them my pets!