Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Elbow injuries

I have now been shown how to "reduce" a dislocated baby elbow. This is information I never wanted to know.

On Saturday my mom, Ada and I were hanging out at Westward Look resort in Tucson. We  were heading up to the gift shop to get some batteries and we were doing that thing you aren't supposed to do: happily swinging the kid by the arms.

Damn. They weren't kidding. You really shouldn't swing your kid gently by the arms.

Ada's elbow dislocated. This is an ailment so common it has a condescending term: nursemaid's elbow (in fact, every time I tell someone what happened they tell me, "Oh that happened to XYZ!") We ended up in an urgent care for three hours. The pediatrician there couldn't seem to pop the arm back into place. Then they did x-rays. Finally, another doctor came in and manipulated her arm back into place. (The Prescott pediatrician that was available on Monday said, "yeah, sometimes it's hard to feel in the chubby ones." !!!!)

Finally with the arm in place and kitty stickers at the ready, we were ready to go when THE ELBOW POPPED OUT OF JOINT AGAIN!!!!

They just couldn't keep it in place so they ended up putting a splint on it and sending us home.

It was terrible.

Once the splint was on, Ada was fine. We covered her arms with socks that I'd removed the foot part from to make arm warmers/bandage distractors.

We were cleared to remove the splint yesterday and so far the elbow has remained intact. I'm being very careful with it. Obviously no swinging ... but also even putting her clothes on I am gingerly addressing The Arm because now I'm afraid of it.

So far, she is still intact ...


  1. As long as she can reach up to catch beads by Mardi Gras, it'll be OK!!!