Friday, January 11, 2013

Ada at 18 Months (we're a little late...)

Weight: 26 lbs, 3 oz. (86%)
Height: 32.5 in (66%)
Hat size: 47 cm (68%)

Ada is a pretty cool kid. I love how she just walks by herself behind the nurse to the checkup room when they call her name. I can barely get my belongings together to follow before they are off. The staff was pretty interested in her sparkly shoes, too.

This is the first appointment where the checkup proceedings didn't make her cry. There was nary a whimper as they listened with their stethoscope, shined lights in her eyes, peered in her ears, and she didn't really like the mouth looking, but she didn't cry, just tried to get away.

Even when she got a shot in her thigh, she was calm until the needle went in. The sting made her cry, but as soon as the bugs bunny Band-Aid was applied, she was fine. She walked out happy, without crying blotches, and even visited with some tiny babies in the waiting room.

What a great kid!

She is quickly adding to her vocabulary and some of it we even understand. She continues to have a strong desire to do things herself. This morning she brought one of the stools into the kitchen and brought me the bread to share for breakfast. Thanks, Ada!

She's also pretty committed to her love of Sesame Street, coloring, Lily, her friend Sophie, and of course, us.

For comparison, here are her stats from her last checkups:

Weight: 24.3 pounds (87%)
Height: 31 inches (64%)
Head circumference: 46.5 cm (72%)

One Year:
Weight: 23 pounds (76%)
Height: 30 inches (80%)
Head: 45.25 cm (60%)

Weight is 21 pounds. (87%)
Height is 28 in. (67%).
Head circumference is 44.5 cm (68%).


Weight: 18.4 pounds
Height: 25.75 in.
Head circumference: 43.2 cm

Weight: 14 lbs 2 oz
Height: 24.25 in.
Head circumference: 41.3 cm

Weight: 9 lbs and 13 oz
Height: 22 in.

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