Sunday, February 17, 2013

New Orleans: Rainy Sunday

Our first full day in New Orleans was a rainy one. Not terribly cold, we decided to slicker up the kid and head down to the French Quarter to walk around.
St. Louis Cathedral, Jackson Square

Gumbo shop! I didn't eat gumbo in New Orleans due to the high number of shrimp likely to have been used in the making of it.

Dressed up for Mardi Gras. I really like those orange rolling planters.

The majority of homes and businesses in New Orleans and the surrounding parishes were decked out for the festivities.

Statues of jazz legends. Fats Domino is out of the shot. This is Al "Jumbo" Hirt on the trumpet and Pete Fountain, clarinet king.

I like red ... red Hunters, red umbrella, red stroller, and someone helpfully parked a red Vespa for us to pose next too. Ada loves her new slicker, which is good, because she spent a lot of time in it since the weather wasn't so nice in the earlier days of the trip.

Puddle outside of the Riverwalk Marketplace.

Outside of Riverwalk Marketplace.

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