Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Language Arts

Ada has been picking up a lot of words and hand movements lately. Today at the library she pulled out all of the moves to "Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed" include a finger waggle. I'd never seen her do it before. It was like magic.

And yet she doesn't say things like "please" or "thank you" and we can barely get her to say "yes" even though we repeat these words tens of times a day to her every day.

That being said, tonight it only took seconds for us to get her to mimic the JE Skeets "ca-caw!" that he often says during The Basketball Jones show that Jeffrey listens to. We even recorded it. It's the first video of Ada that has hit over 50 views that weren't caused by my dad.

She picks up the strangest things. For the last two days, when she said good night to us, she has been saying, albeit in a vaguely slurred toddler voice, "Night night sweet butterflies." I think I've read that book to her, what, three times total? And those words are only in the title! So why this phrase? Must have caught her fancy.

Sure, she has read "I Want My Hat Back" a hundred times and she "reads" the book to herself now, but still, "sweet butterflies?" I mean, that's insane. She can barely say "mommy."

We're in trouble with this one...

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  1. So cute! It's so funny what they pick up. I showed L all the ornaments the day we put up the tree. Three or four weeks later she walked over and pointed to the Elvis one and said "Elwis." She can also say "basketball" clear as day. But "please" is more like "ees" and "thank you" is something like "dat-doo."