Sunday, January 20, 2013

Saturday in Phoenix

My mom flew in Saturday morning, so rather than having her shuttle up we three headed down for a little Phoenix trip.

First we made Jeffrey and Ada drag around Ikea. Then when they couldn't take it anymore, we went to the Phoenix Children's Museum. Ada seemed exhausted. She was whiny, eye rubbing, and seemed about to fall apart. However, the second we got to the counter of the museum, we could barely contain her. She was ready to GO!

This was her second time there and she found even more new wonderful things to do.

The first stop was the giant climbing structure room. The structure is three-stories high of fencing, rebar, viewing outcroppings -- including flying bathtubs, and interesting footholds inside. Before she went up, she spent about 10 minutes absorbed in watching a giant air tube assembly on the wall. Kids would shove scarves into the tube openings and the air would suction them away through the tube maze and POOF! they'd be shot out a hole in the top and then gently flutter to the ground where Ada would gather them up and give them to the kids that were strong enough to put them in the holes.

Shoving silks into the hole. It wasn't easy.

Gathering the silks.
Climbing higher.
Happy higher!

We moved on to next floor and hit the painting room. The center of the room has a giant rocket ship that the children can paint. Each day, the color changes and the rocket gets a new coat. Today's color was yellow.

Crayon coloring only lasted a few moments before she was back at the rocket ship (sans apron).

Ada doesn't quiet comprehend ball runs.
Tricycles don't come with pedals close enough for Ada. She gets the idea, but can't reach.

Noodle forest. We lost Ada at one point.

We were there for about two hours and once we got back in the car, she was out in about three minutes.

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  1. Dora the Explorer WILL be replaced by Ada the Navigata(sic)!!!