Saturday, July 7, 2012

Granite Creek Winery Outing

Our friends, Missy and Jeremiah, invited us on an outing to the Granite Creek Winery in Chino Valley. Rounding out the group was Sophie's family.

The winery property is set up for casual days on the grounds. They had a guitar duo playing on a stage surrounded by tables for relaxing in the shade and sipping wine. The back of the property near the vines had a grassy area that was perfect for letting kids run around and watching the peacock displays.

Ada, who was cautious but not fearful of the peacocks, found them pretty interesting. Sophie, older and smarter, liked them but would keep her distance a bit. Penelope didn't have much of a reaction ... she was too busy making another tooth. That kid is a champion tooth maker!

This was the main male peacock. He was putting on quite a show for the dusky ladies lingering in the evergreens behind us.

A beautiful day to hang out at a winery.

I took a picture of this guy because he made me laugh. Needs a few more plumes to really get to peacockin'.

Ada, always the independent guest, enjoyed the grass and open spaces.

Notice how she's not paying any attention to the giant peacock in front of her.

Investigating. Later on in the day, she'd just run right up to him, get about two feet away from his beakage, and yell.

Kate, a wary Sophie, and the peacock.

Kate, a wary but camera-facing Sophie, and The Peacock.

The Peacock in full display.

This lady and her friends had been at the winery for a few hours, judging by the empties on the table. She enjoyed stealing our children to shield her from the p'cock (I'm tired of typing that word).

Headed to check the vines.

Jeffrey and Ada with Damon and Sophie.

Running together

Sophie found a cat to visit with. I think they said its name was Simon. Notice that Simon is gigantic.

But also a sweetie. Sophie is a big fan of cats since she has her own "Ba" at home.

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