Monday, July 16, 2012

Ada isn't in this post...

My new table is the subject of this post. Because this is my blog, not Ada's. Back off, kid!

Some of you may know this, but I've hated our table since I first started hanging out with Jeffrey. And yet, we've had it forever. My mom is the most excited about the new table because she doesn't have to hear about how much I hate the old table. Now if I could just source some new bedside tables, she and I will never have to talk furniture again! Right...

The old table was just too small, never a color I liked, even when I painted it and just didn't seem to improve. I do have respect for it -- it has been moved many times, had many a project created on it, I have glued flowers to it, unglued the flowers, and used it as a ladder ... it has never failed me. And yet, like one of those people you befriend and they are nice but you still always think, I don't have any friends... I didn't like this table.

I also didn't like spending money on furniture/not having any money to spend on furniture. The tables I DID like were kind of pricey. Big farm tables seem to run in the $1k+ pack.

Until I was on craigslist the other day and BAM! A table! One I thought I liked! $75! And he brought it over to our house in his pickup truck.

Can you do better? I think not.


Old table hanging around in the background like a needy neighbor. Check out my bun! There's a sock in there.


So big, it doesn't fit in the frame! Seven feet long! Jeffrey can actually get BOTH of his elbows on the table now. We can also keep food and knives away from little grabby hands. Because even when Ada isn't in the blog, she's never far from a sharp object.

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