Monday, October 10, 2011


We've been pretty busy the last few weeks. Ada traveled to Colorado Springs for The Last Gautreaux Boy wedding.

We didn't take pictures of the actual wedding, and hopefully someone will send us some so we can remember the lovely event.

We DID take pictures of Ada and a little semi-impromptu family portrait.

Also, while we were gone, my brother, Eric, stayed with the dogs. He was able to stay over a few extra days and so I put him to work babysitting Ada while I visited the dermatologist (another precancerous spot, man, the sun HATES me!) and he snapped a lot of her making faces. My dad is constantly amazed at how quickly her facial expressions shift across her face. Eric did a great job illustrating this point: these pics were taken within seconds of each other.

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  1. Thanks for doing your usual great job, Eric!!! "The Many Moods of Ada" is a great hit with GGma Gautreaux---you can bet I will be copying some for framing--Thanks again!!