Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ten years, man! TEN!

Really only three months. THREE MONTHS, MAN! THREE MONTHS!

I cannot CANNOT fathom our life without Ada. I wouldn't want to. This little chicken is so much fun to be with (usually) and her smile is my favorite thing of all times.

Three months. She's drooling, talking, beating the shit out of her play bridge, and loves the sound of pages turning in books. She's working on laughing and shrieking. Her gas passing makes her upset. And amazingly, she's starting to reach for things, and when you hand them to her, she'll grab them and bring them to herself. Her face lights up when she sees Jeffrey and her favorite song right now is "You Are My Sunshine" and she even tries singing along. She's as tone deaf as Jeffrey and I!

We love you. Maybe not that shriek though. Dude, that is LOUD.

Ada, this morning, on her three month anniversary.

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  1. Happy 3rd month out, Ada Elizabeth!!!
    Sounds like she's gonna be FUN at the wedding!!! Little known family, historical fact:
    (former LA)Governor Jimmy Davis, who wrote "You are My Sunshine"(supposedly about his horse named Sunshine), once chased my Mom out of her father's casino on Grande Isle, LA because she wouldn't give him a kiss!!! So, Ada has history with the song(about a horse!!). Keep up the good parenting and make her do lots of reading especially those "texture" books that 3 month old kiddies love!!!!