Wednesday, October 19, 2011

This is not good ...

Ada is now back to 100% after a quick cold. And what does she decide to do? Work on crawling and coming dangerously close to coordinating her efforts.

Thankfully, she's only getting the back end and the front end isn't scooching.

Weren't we supposed to get more time with a sackapotatoes kid? She'll be clicking over to month four next week. This is looking way too close to crawling for my taste. Going to have to hobble her.

Understand, the total meltdown at the end is part frustration, part pure exhaustion as she'd been at this for about 15 minutes while we ate our dinner.


  1. Anonymous said...Sounds like time to childproof the house. Maybe Lucy and Lily will take turns herding her away from trouble. This is good news because we were told that Jeffrey had a hip problem which caused him not to crawl and supposedly that slows down overall development, but then again, he turned out OK, I think!!??!! Extend my Happy 4th month out wishes to Ada and I hope to see her in person(video is next best!!) shortly after her 5th month anniversary.

  2. He does have a hip problem. He's not hip at all!