Monday, September 19, 2011

Jiggety, jig!

Ada and I successfully visited Cary! She's great little traveler.

We left on Thursday at 1:45 a.m. for the airport in Phoenix and Ada, although she didn't sleep the whole time (I could hear some telltale "I'm awake and I have my hand in my mouth!" sucking sounds. It sounds kind of like zombies eating brains...), she was quiet and happy in her carseat all the way from Prescott to Phoenix.

The ErgoBaby carrier we have was great for navigating the airport. Once in it, she would happily look around, lick the sides of it, and occasionally snooze as I hopped airport shuttles, found gates, got annoyed with the counter clerks, etc. She charmed just about every stranger she met with her chatting, smiling, and angelic little sleeping face. We only had a little wingeing in Charlotte on the in when the plane was delayed. Since other people were far more cranky about it, I thought she did pretty well!

Seeing family in NC was great. It was wonderful getting to see her hang out with my dad, sleep in Eric's arms, try on Lindsay's hair, and talk to my mom (the two of them were quite chatty while driving places). Ada also got to meet her great grandmother.

While there we did some shopping, went to watch a horse show, and went out to the barn to see Jack. Jack was pretty unsure about the little monster that had shown up, so we kept the two separated. Maybe next time she and Jack will be a little more comfortable with each other.

It was a great visit and it was amazing what a wonderful baby we have. She also slept well while we were there and there were a lot of loving arms willing to snuggle the baby so I had a lovely little vacation as well!

Maybe red would be a good look for her!

Manicures with Marc

Generation gap-- Edith's first visit with Ada

Ada sleeping in Susan's arms

Ada looking gorgeous in the hat Lindsay made for her.

Hanging at the barn

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