Tuesday, June 7, 2011

No More Than Two More Weeks

At my weekly checkup today everything was declared "perfect!" and also declared "not coming any day soon!"

So we are now at 39 weeks. One more week to due date. The belly has gone from feeling like one of those bears-in-the-balloon you win at the fair to "baby stuck in dry cleaner bag."

There's just no more room at the inn.

The doc said Ada only gets up to two more weeks and then she's not allowed to stay in there any longer. You naturalists out there probably think that's rushing it. But I've gained 32 pounds and it's only on my front and I'm getting a little uncomfortable lugging this kid around on my insides. I'm ready for her to try her ErgoBaby carrier on the OUTSIDE.

In other news, we found a place to rent in Prescott.
Boulder Park Townhome. Gated. Corner unit. Dogs allowed. About two blocks from Jeffrey's office. Going to be 100-degrees in Phoenix today. 74 in Prescott. Prescott for the WIN!

My mom and I have been putting appliques on onesies. So far? This is my best applique. The horse body actually wraps around to the back!
Print silhouette on freezer paper, iron to desired fabric square, iron to iron-on lightweight fusing square, cut out image, iron on to onesie. Bask in glory of how awesome it turned out. Consider adding embroidery thread mane. Reject idea because it's just so perfect as it is.


  1. It's nice that your doc will let you go to 41 weeks. WHS does inductions for everyone at 40 weeks regardless. It's their policy. I think it's a bad policy, but you have to do what you and your doc think is right for you. :-) (yes, the naturalist in me is protesting that comment).

  2. and count me as another protester!!!! This is starting to be like the Middle East--glad all is well--hang in there girl(and I mean you, NOT Ada, she's hanging good already!!!)remember it's Baby/womb time that matters;and not due date yet. Doc kinda rushed Jeffrey and some negatives until he overcame(I am still nervous when the word "induce" is used). I believe you about uncomfortable, but every hour of every day makes it better for the kid!!! T'home in Prescott looks fabulous. But even I know that the star of this post is horsey onesie(it's called a singlet when she starts wrestling as a kindergartner!!!). Keep up the good "wait"!!!