Thursday, June 9, 2011

Asbestos -- More sinister than we thought

Well, the townhouse rental has fallen through. Drat.

Here's the story:

The lady who was going to rent us the townhouse was doing so because she and her elementary school-aged daughter were moving into their new home.

This morning, our wouldhavebeen landlady called with a sad tone to her voice, her house deal fell apart. The seller wouldn't allow the asbestos inspector in -- because, most likely, the house has asbestos. Then she broke the contract. Apparently now she's not taking phone calls.

So sad for us. But we'll find something else -- possibly even in the same community. But more sad for our very nice wouldhavebeen landlady and her daughter who had waited and hoped for this house.

Drat on all of it. Stupid asbestos.

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