Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Shake your groove thing

It's that time of year again: ballet recital time. This year the studio where I take classes is putting on Cinderella.

The adult dancers who kind of suck (my class) are the "seamstresses" and the part is about three minutes long.  I will not be on that stage.

I have a lot of reasons not to do it and they all make me sound either 1. pathetic 2. whiney or 3. bitchy.

So because I'm dropping one of my classes every week, I need to replace it with something else that keeps my old butt off the couch.

What I'm looking into:
aerial dance
hula hoop dance

1 comment:

  1. Right before I got pregnant, I took a few capoeira classes at the Y. Oh. My. God. So much fun, totally kicked my ass! I LOVED it. Then BAM, found out I was preggo and that was the end of that!