Sunday, January 18, 2009

Overcoming Some Obstacles

Friday I finally made it to a yoga class. The studio was new and clean and the clients were nice, tidy people who weren't wearing patchoili or *gasp* no odor masker at all, and the teacher was a sparkly and fun chick who was excited to see Suzette and me.

I don't think Suzette liked it very much. At one point she asked me, "Is this when we drink the Kool-Aid?"  I guess she wasn't much for the om-ing.

After class I felt great. Saturday, I woke up with a headache just felt sore all over. I'm guessing that the yoga class did one or any of the following: unleashed demons in my body or I used muscles I hadn't really been using at all or maybe just in new ways.

Saturday night we went out to get a new all-in-one printer. All was going well until I hit the same problem I've been having with my computer for several months but hadn't gotten around to fixing: I'm an asshole and I have forgotten my system administration password.

That's the password that lets you install new programs, update software, and install printer drivers onto your machine.

I knew the hard way to fix it: backup everything and reinstall the operating system.

I kept hoping for a different option. After some tantrum throwing and poodle shoving, Jeffrey decided it was time to call Keith who, although is a doctor, also is some kind of weird Apple savant.

Keith agreed I had to reinstall the operating system. Damnit!

So I burned everything on my desktop to discs just in case, and started the process.

After hours of uploading all the things I needed to after the install, I now have a machine that is doing everything I could ever hope my machine would do, except make coffee.

Maybe Keith can develop a hack for that ...

This is an uber-awesome day, folks. 

Now where is that bottle of Advil ...


  1. You could have just reset the password by booting from your install disk. Unless you had an open-firmware password enabled you could do this.

  2. Here's the howto for future reference: