Monday, January 12, 2009

Lord of the Awkward Moment

Because we don't have cable, I am watching some NBC world dance-off show. The Lord of the Dance guy is the host and he just said to the South African dance leader, "What was that dance? Is that a battle? Are you hunting? You definitely seemed angry about something."

South African dance leader just kind of stared at him.

I also like the judge from China who doesn't seem to speak English so thus shares no witty banter like the guy from India who I think grew up in L.A. or the hilarious guy from Russia that keeps making vodka jokes. China guy just says his score ... kind of angrily. And it is always 8. 


That Ryan Seacrest's brain child "Mamas' Boys" follows it on the airing schedule and that I had pizza pretty much makes this a great evening.

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