Tuesday, March 11, 2008

We've Moved! Again!

OK, I haven't physically moved, but the Web site where I was blogging was driving me crazy. So instead of Kat Fancy, it is now called I Like Carrots because that's what kind of mood I was in this morning.

I'd like to say that I don't care whether it is pronounced VAYgan or VEEgan. I just don't. It's stupid either way and frankly I don't care. There is no way you cannot eat stuff that doesn't have alive things at the cellular level. You eat bread made with yeast; you murdered something.

I especially don't care when I'm discussing the concept of me making a vegan some VEEgan cupcakes (that are apparently taking over the world) because I thought it would be nice for her to participate in the baked goods revelry that often happens at small offices where people like each other and share baked goods. And have really cute cupcake cups.

But no. Someone was not down with pronouncing in VAYgan which is how I had always heard it pronounced by my high school friend Serena. Serena was Indian and her family was Jaine and they were vegan and pronounced it VAYgan. Like ayurvedic is pronounced ah-yure-vay-dic. Of course her mother pronounced a lot of things in Hindi really loudly that always sounded like a lot of yelling and Serena would yell back and then Mrs. Ganwal would hand her a new DVD player or something because Serena was a true Indian Princess. I never bothered to look up whether they were pronouncing it correctly.

Second item of the day:
I'm dress shopping. I want cute sundresses for spring/summer so I don't have to coordinate my clothing everyday when it is hot and I am late and just need to throw on some wedges and look cute and go: hence needing a dress.

Also, the Student Bar Association my lawyer-to-be husband is a part of at U of A is hosting a prom thingy and I think I'll need some kind of cocktail dress. I looked around online, but wasn't excited about anything that cost less than one million dollars.

If anyone knows where I can get a vaguely inexpensive party dress that doesn't have tulle coming out the bottom, let me know!


  1. Try the sale section online at Nordstrom - I got a really cute dress there last week, worthy of wearing to formal evening weddings, for $50-something dollars - marked down from somewhere around $170.

  2. I'm just not sure how fancy the dress needs to be. I'm guessing a slightly more evening-like cocktail dress would suffice and not, say, a ball gown.

  3. Hi marc! Glad you were able to navigate the pesky blogger requirements!

  4. Kat, just go to Neiman Marcus and treat yourself to something nice and worry about the credit card bill later.