Thursday, March 13, 2008

Decorating my Hair

On Sunday I finally got my hair cut.

I had been putting it off out of fear. My last haircut in December was horrible. Although I had never met the stylist before, she seemed to take revenge out on me via her scissors and it was not good.

Especially because my hair is short.

So on Sunday I got a GREAT haircut at Gypsy off of 7th in Tucson. We watched a little Galaxy Quest, she razored the hell out of my hair, and then we sipped some tequila.

My haircut is really well done, maybe a little short, but wicked cute according to those who love me.

One of the nice things about it, is I can decorate it because it isn't sticking out in weird blobs all over my head anymore.

I went on to track down adorableness for my hairs, but came up short in the "fake flower attached to clip device."

So I made my own!

I went to Michael's and bought cheapo daisies, then dismantled them and attached them with hot glue to some bend-and-snap hair clips I had hanging around in my I-Once-Had-Long-Hair-and-May-Again-so-I-Won't-Throw-This-Stuff-Out box.

I think they turned out pretty well!