Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It's All About the Outfits

I finally found a ballet class! 

It all started with the arrival of the spring Discount Dance catalog and all the pretty ballerina outfits. All of a sudden I was online searching in vain for a ballet class for adult beginners in Tucson. 

I mean, seriously, I found a class in Yuma, why can't I find one near my house in Tucson? The last time I tried I came up with nothing. So instead I went to the phone book and just started calling schools.

The very intimidating sounding Academy of Ballet had a class! The lady on the phone, apparently not one to lose a student, told me to come to class at 7:15 pm. 

Talk about instant gratification! Too bad there wasn't anyone I could convince to take the class with me a la Yuma.

So alone and armed with my little dirty canvas ballet shoes, I slunk into the ballet school right into a herd of anorexic high school senior bunheads all playing with their pointe shoes and talking smack about other high school girls. Of course! 

So feeling really out of place and kind of freaked (why are there no other adult people dressed in "I'm not really a dancer so I'm wearing sweatpants" garb waiting to slink into the studio for badly executed pliés?) I sit on the bench and wait.

Finally two ladies show up in above parenthetical outfits and I immediately glom onto them.

The class consisted of the three of us and some younger, less coordinated ballerinas (OMG so cute. They were about ten and they were terrible! So cheerful and excited but terrible! I think they will be my new best dance friends!)

I did pretty well. The instructor only came over and fixed my arm and my foot a few times but mostly just smiled at me with pity — a success! And some of the mommies who were watching their less-coordinated ballerinas talked to me after class and told me how graceful I was!

Well, ballerina-bow to that!


  1. You are a braver soul than I.

  2. Hi! Just stumbled upon the new blog. I admit I'd stopped checking KatFancy and the other blogs because the new system annoyed me. :P Good on you for making it out.

    Good on your for keeping up with the ballet thing, too. I admit, I've let it fall by the wayside. I think the lack of newspaper girl attendance has hit the Yuma Ballet Academy. They've started calling me and other ballet drop-outs, trying to telemarket us back into the class. I'd be more amenable if they weren't charging me $80 to stumble about. Plus, I think our cute instructor got married and left.