Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Pumpkin Patch ... Year 3

Today we went to the Freeman Farms Pumpkin Patch. We ran into one of Ada's best buddies, Sophie, and her family while we were there. The two girls had a blast with each other despite Ada being a little under the weather with a cold. We were supposed to be meeting up with some kids from her school, but they all were running a little late so we never really caught up to them. I'm a really patient person, so while we waited for our school friends to show up, we played on the tractors.
And made silly faces in the cutouts.
But we couldn't wait too long because THE CAROUSEL was the excitement of the day. Pumpkins? Pah.
Fiona, Sophie's little sister, took a spin around. That's what she looks like when she's happy.
A picture of me!
Jeffrey and Damon #TrueDetectivesSeasonTwo 

Marc and Susan were there, too! 
Ada had a rainbow butterfly painted on her face by a man in a shark hat.
In the petting zoo area, they had this sleepy pig. He didn't flutter a muscle. Just slept all day and was petted. Heaven for a pig!

Ada loved this deer in the petty zoo area. She was delighted with him and kept saying, "He's so cute! oh, mom! He's so cute!"

Seriously loved this deer.
Finally, we went into the pumpkin patch to find a pumpkin. Ada's selection was a petite little one. When we got up to the register to weigh it, the kid (who we've been assisted by for the last two years!) said, "Oh, that's yours. You can just have that." Free pumpkin!

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