Sunday, August 17, 2014

I want to ride my biiiiicycle...

Ada has been tricycling around like a champ for a bit now. Lately I've been thinking it was time to graduate up to a big kid bicycle since she can steer pretty well.

None of the bike shops seemed to have great, high-quality bikes in the 12" size. Target wouldn't let us get one down off the shelf to try out for "safety reasons." Our craigslist turned up nothing for used kids bikes that looked like they were in good shape. So, where do you go when you sort of give up on quality and say "meh" to safety? Walmart of course!

Ada tried out a few, but her favorite was a Huffy Rock It. It is red with flames, you'll notice. She also decided she needed a new helmet, I thought it needed a bell, and while we were over there at accessories, she decided she just had to have some Barbie elbow, knee, and hand pads. We call them her Super Pads because she acts like she is invincible in them. Want to give your kid a boost of confidence? Let them run around in Super Pads! The only side effect is that we look like insane over protective parents... which we aren't. It hadn't occurred to me to get padding...

Here's a video my dad shot of her first pedal around the block at their house. She really did great! She has a little trouble with leverage but that will come in time and, you know, with bushes.

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