Friday, October 24, 2014

Today's Arizona Adventure!

My dad plotted a motorcycle route that, upon further Google Earthing, was mostly unpaved. So we decided to take their F150 out and see how the 4-wheel drive did. It did pretty well. No slippage. Ada slept for a good part of the more exciting bits. She liked the bridge though. Overall, and excellent adventure!

This truss bridge was built in 1924 and had ridiculously wide pine board planks.  
"Ada, show me the bridge" resulted in jazz hands.

I don't think Marc saw her peeking over the edge like this. Heart attack!

An elegant country bridge.

This cottonwood was growing out of this rock.

Most of the trip was on wending dirt roads like this. We passed several really impressive ranching operations but didn't stop to take photos. Occasionally we passes a hunter campsite and once in a while we saw a cow tucked in the brush, but for the most part we didn't pass much in the way of oncoming traffic.

This might be why. This was the next section of the road. I guess they were serious when they said the road was primitive and not frequently maintained. This area, which Marc and Susan went out to explore to determine whether it was passable, was determined to not be. It was essentially the side of a mountainous hill that was slowly eroding. There was, around the corner, a large white rock face that was slowly being sheared off by people's attempts. If only we'd had a winch...

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