Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Potty Time

We're struggling with potty training. It seems like all the other little kids are making headway and Ada isn't and it is making both of us feel a bit put out. Ada is very aware that diapers are for babies, but she's not really connected the feeling with needing to tinkle with, you know, herself and what's going on.

We've been watching potty shows, reading potty books, talking about it, demonstrations abound, and we have tried to be cool about it. She'll just have to connect it herself.

For a bit, she was demanding diapers because "she was a baby' but now she tells us "she's a big girl and wears pull-ups." Thank goodness she's ready to equate herself with a big girl.

This horrible book called Princess Potty is, of course, the book that has inspired her. It's stupid. The princess rides a pony to her royal potty. It's seriously the worst book ever. So of course it worked -- sort of.

Ada will now go, often willingly, to hang out in her own princess potty. We bought some new pink accessories and special soap and she demands "piracy" when she goes in. We haven't had any successful potty usage, just sitting, but after a month of her refusing to even go near the potty and having major meltdowns, I'll take it.

Here's a very video invading her piracy(!) because, well, she's adorable. She reads us Big Girl Panties (a favorite of mine when Jeffrey reads it because it's just so mortifying for adult men to read about panties) and Princess Potty. Check out the bunny slippers!

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