Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Ada's first salon haircut!

Ada's hair had finally gone from bald to longish, her curls getting trapped in her collar and her bangs poking her in the eyes. She'll let me put barrettes, headbands, ponytails, and pigtails in but she only keeps them there for about five minutes before she says, "I don't want this."

I didn't do such a hot job on her bangs last time I did them. See?

So it was time for a trip to the stylist. Brittany, my hairstylist, and I had talked about it a while back and I knew she was game. Last night Ada and I watched a few YouTube videos of girls getting their haircut and we talked about how it would feel. Ada seemed pretty excited! When she woke up this morning, she said, "Ready to get a haircut? Let's go!"

We had to kill a few hours.

Then it was time, we went over a little early and toured the salon, checking out all the ladies getting their coif on. We tested out the shampoo bowl, looked at the hair getting swept up, and the general joy and magazines of a salon. All the ladies were cooing over her adorableness. Ada had chosen her gold tutu and a striped shirt for her experience. It does get noticed.

She let Brittany shampoo her at the shampoo sinks and then followed her back up to the chair. Once situated, she happily sat there letting Brittany work while she had a few lollipops. When Brittany told her to look down and hold still, Ada had no trouble doing it. She was a champ!

It's a really cute little bob and she likes it!

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