Sunday, October 13, 2013

Parties, Kites, and Bikes

On Saturday, Ada attended her friend Sophie's 3rd Birthday Party at the local zoo. Everyone seemed to have a good time. Ada wore her tutu for the festivities and her beloved purple boots. Photos are at the bottom.

Today we finally took the kite and the tricycle to the little park up the street. It was very windy so we thought we would give kite flying a try. Minor repairs are now needed...

At first she was hiding in the trees because she was nervous about the kite.
After a bit, she came over and gave it a try. 

Go kite, go!

The expert?

It's flying!

"My turn, daddy!"
One of the wheels was flat, but she kept having us give her pushes while she yelled,
Party garb.

Ada and some new friends getting ready for cupcakes.

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