Friday, September 28, 2012

15-month-old ready for Sumo:

Ada had her checkup today and she is heavy, tall, and has a big head. Sounds terrible, but I think for babies that's OK.

After eating all the cheese off of her pizza (and not by picking it off but rather by holding up the slice and gnawing it off), she had a little root beer. This is her "Ahhh! That's a heady foam" face. Sometimes it is just fun to give kids some new mouth sensory experience. Root beer is a fun one. She loved it, but was surprised each time at the fizziness.

Having an emo day, Ada plays some tunes on the guitar while dressed like Eddie Vedder circa 1990.

Here are her stats:
Weight: 24.3 pounds (87%)
Height: 31 inches (64%)
Head circumference: 46.5 cm (72%)

Nine months
Six months
Four months
Two months

She is understandable saying the following words:
Ada (dayda)
baby (bebe)

Yesterday we got her to say chocolate and when I asked her if she wanted to get down, she clearly said yesh but that might have been a fluke. She also says mama, but not about me or anything in particular.

She said uh-oh after flinging things off the deck and having them hit the ground. I was inside working and I would hear the object hit the ground and her say, "UHooooooh."

Ada has become quite a little helper. After reading a book, if you ask her to put it back on the shelf, she'll take it over and reshelve it. She also puts her plate in the dishwasher and closes the door. She's big on opening and shutting doors for everyone all the time, enjoys "cleaning" with a rag and dusting with a Swiffer duster.

One of our new favorite games is putting pom poms in a container at one end of the room, placing a container at the other, and running relays between the two while transferring the pom poms. Is this the most boring game ever? Maybe. But it sure is quieter than yell-in-the-face.

Some other neat tricks she has learned recently is holding out her index finger to indicate that she is one. She also does this when we count things during story time. She emphatically held up her finger while counting some apple cutouts on the wall. So not only does she do it as a reflex to the question, "How old are you?" She correlates it to the number one. Pretty cool! Also, she can sort of roll on the floor and delights in "steamrolling" anyone next to her. She claps, sings nonsense, hums, and spins. Her hokey pokey is coming along nicely and is ready for video. I need to get some of this stuff on video, actually, before she quits helping and wanting to be around us!

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