Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Infant Sensory Play and Snacks

I was reading a post over on TinkerLab about sensory play with a baby. She used a bowl of beans and other small objects so that her little one could mash her hands around in them and experience the different textures, weights, and movement.

Ada isn't quite ready for beans as, even with supervision, it is difficult to keep objects out of her mouth. Maybe next month! Today, though, while I was making rice crispy treats ... possibly for breakfast, yes ... I decided to pour a bunch of the crispies into a mixing bowl for her to have a little "sensory play" while I made the treats.

The poodle also enjoyed the game. What fun! Ada seemed to really enjoy getting her hands in there, swishing the bowl around, pulverizing them on the floor, testing her head against the cabinetry, and also just snacking on the bits.

It was easy cleanup with dogs around. Though Lucy needed some coaxing to join the poodle and the baby in the rice cereal buffet.

Hopefully soon we can try some other items like beans as the "not in your mouth" concept gets a little more concrete. I'd hate to explain to the emergency room lady how that bean got up her nose while I was Sitting. Right. There.

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