Sunday, March 18, 2012

Can you say Abba Zabba?

Yesterday the AZ Gautreaux group headed down to Scottsdale for the evening. Jeffrey dropped Ada and me off at the horse show and he went over to a spring training game in Peoria.

I never fail to have a wonderful time with the group from Sabino Equestrian. Tara and Kendall Weber are just some of my favorite people as well as the rest of the friends that come out to ride.

Ada first mounted up with Kendall on Abba Zabba when she was four months. Now at nearly nine months, she still looks game and ready to roll!

Ada on Abba, 4 mo., in October of 2011.

Kendall and Ada on Abba, now nearly 9 mo. Happy St. Patrick's Day, 2012.

I took video this time!

Now we just need a horse up in Prescott!

The ladies let me take Abba out to the training arena and put him through some paces. I miss this!

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