Thursday, March 1, 2012

8 Whole Months

I'm a bit late in posting her monthly anniversary post. She and I both returned from NC with massively exhausting head colds. We're better now, thank you.

Ada is just fun to watch. She perfected her crawling and early cruising at my parents' house. Their heavily padded carpeting throughout the house made for excellent crash landings. Now home again on the hard wood, she hasn't slowed down an iota.

There are lots of videos out on if you want to watch her in action.

She spends her days exploring the house. I like to move objects and toys around for her to investigate in new locations. She likes to dig in the potted palm. Often her journeys find her hanging out in a dog crate or rummaging through the paper recycling by my desk. Occasionally she plays with actual toys.

The dogs are still tolerating her, though if i were them, I'd be pretty sick of this kid that keeps crawling over them, pinning them down, and sharing their crates. Yesterday I looked over to see what everyone was up to, and Ada had the poodle's head palmed and pinned to the floor. The poodle was fine with it because she was drinking the baby's bottle. Go figure. I guess they are a team.

Recent activities, besides really long airplane trips, have included her first swim classes with Jeffrey, trying out swings at the park, cruising around the house, a new game of napkin peekaboo, and ... TEETH! Two of them on the bottom: shiny, white, and sharp.

I have no idea how much she weighs. It feels like a ton. I have no idea how tall she is, but she's taller than the edge of the desk according to her head bruises.

She's a great eater and will eat just about everything. I think she has tried a little bit of everything we've had lately without exception. She's also using a tippy cup with water in it with near mastery (it's the shaking of it after she's had a gulp that is creating the mess). Hopefully we can be done with bottles soon. She'll even drink out of a cup without a lid, but tends to nearly drown.

Mostly, we're just hanging out having a great time.

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