Monday, March 7, 2011


Well, we made it back in one piece. It was slow driving up on Friday night because of the traffic in Phoenix, but we finally got there!

We had a nice time seeing Elliott and Katie and Keith and Shaleah. I'd never been to Vegas before and, well, frankly, I probably won't go back again for a long time. I just had too much trouble understanding why there is a giant building shaped like New York with a roller coaster. I don't think that place was built for cynics like me.

We stayed at the Trump Tower hotel and that was pretty nice. It is agreed that giant jetted soaker tubs should be standard in all bathrooms. The pool time was lovely and included some ghastly Euro trash in their little thongs and lots of plastic surgery making out/possibly having sex in the double chair next to us. Every good poolside visit needs a villainous Euro trash couple!

I think the most fun was at the Rio for their buffet on Sunday. Here is a picture of Jeffrey looking more radiantly happy than I've seen him in a while:

And here is me pretending a tiger mauled my face. Sorry it's blurry. Night time Vegas photography is not really our forte. Or maybe it is. Maybe this gives the, "I've hit every bar down The Strip" double vision dose of reality for most people's Vegas vacations.

Vegas Count:
1. One Euro trash couple at the pool we collectively were disgusted with
2. One entitled American lady who yelled at them because "there were kids around"
3. One very tall and slender Yoda walking with his light saber down the strip
4. One set of Beavis and Butthead characters that didn't appear to be actually working but just sitting on a wall
5. One grandpa type who tripped and fell and ripped open the back of his head in front of the Mirage
6. One package of travel tissues sacrificed to bloodied man in front of the Mirage

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  1. Jeffrey was always "radiantly happy" when a buffet was available. Despite that svelte look, he is known to have 2 hollow legs which he can fill with food. Casinos would lose money even if he gambled.