Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Don't eat the baby

Today a Manny Randazzo ( of The Original Randazzo Family) King Cake was delivered to our house. I'm assuming this is from TG -- thanks TG! It's from Lindsey and Brent! Thanks Lindsey and Brent! (apparently these are some cousin types I haven't met.)

I texted Jeffrey and told him of its arrival.
He texted back, "Do you like king cake? Have you ever had it?"
I responded, "Never had it. My maiden name is Krouse. Today my dad sent me a picture of his liverwurst sandwich."
To which Jeffrey replied, "Don't eat the baby."

Don't eat the baby. Words to live by.


  1. Wish I could take credit, but I think maybe Lindsey or Aunt Melanie.
    Terry G.

  2. It pretty clearly is from Lindsey and Brent, so the credit goes to them. I am quite excited. It's good to be the king!

  3. You're only the King if you get the baby in your piece of cake---and you need to host the next party---I think L and B sent to all 3 boys!!! Also, you've got to get Kat to NOLA to meet all--still time before June--if you can swing even a weekend, I'll try to find a way to pay--my tent sked for NOLA is Apr 22 -May 10--Join me!!!??