Tuesday, March 15, 2011

NC and Baby Updates

The last trip until September has been taken! Now we're home for a while, which will make the dogs very happy.

The girls did not like the kennel but this last trip, my friend Jessie stayed with them and they seemed much happier. North Carolina was good. Little cold for my now Arizona-acclimated blood, but it was nice to see the new puppy and go to the barn with my mom.

My friend Lena came down with her son Levi, who is 2 1/2, and Levi and the puppy were perfect playmates. We just put a couple extra shirts on him so that the puppy's playful nipping didn't give him too much to cry about and the two of them ran around the house like the cards in the unending race from Alice and Wonderland.

My mom and I went through the baby clothes she saved from me and I brought a few choice adorable ones back for the kid as well as several new items that no one could resist. Baby clothes are just plain cute.

My dad has entitled this, "Kat? Am I doing this right?"
Ducks on the pond. Spring is springing!
Levi out for a walk. Lena, get that kid some binocs!
Louie, otherwise known as Squee, on the porch with my dad. He can't figure out why he didn't get to go around the pond with his buddy.
My mom shows Levi how to handle the sand excavator
Kat? Am I doing this right?

This week I am 27 weeks pregnant. The kid is pretty active in there and if you happen to look at my belly at just the right moment, you can see her thumping around. It's a little weird.

I had a checkup today and according to the medical people, everything is perfect. I'm gaining the right amount of weight (now 20 lbs which seems INSANE to me and it's only going to increase!), baby's heartbeat is excellent, bump size is textbook, and my blood pressure is normal. So everything is pretty boring.

I'm still riding and doing prenatal yoga, which the docs encourage me to keep doing, and they think I should get a massage for my leg thing I keep whining about.

It's heating up in Arizona and the days are sunny. Couldn't ask for better!


  1. That's rad that your mom still has some of your baby clothes. Your daughter will be the best dressed baby!

    Boring is good in this case, I think. And, I agree. Get the massage. I had one last month and would have one every week if I could afford it :-)

  2. A woodland pond, ducks, cousin Louie, and a kid to retrieve-- Lucyfer and Athena would think they had died and gone to doggy heaven!!! Thanks for letting Jeffrey play in the sand with the toys--I am sure it was a great stress reliever for him.
    Terry G.